Founded in 1984, under the name of HEAT wärmetechnische Anlagen GmbH in Vienna, the company was started as an engineering provider with a small team of skilled engineers.

In 1989 in Biedermannsdorf, close to Vienna a first production for vessels and gas devices was started. Customized engineering, development of new products and a high production and delivery quality ensured the growth of the company.

In 1995 Premaberg Industrieanlagen GmbH (PIAG), a specialist in the gas and oil exploration/processing, became part of HEAT and the experience was developed within HEAT gas technologies oil field equipment department.

1996 the company R+I Rohr- und Industrieanlagen GmbH, a pipeline and construction company was founded and is today a sister company within RMA group.

In 2004 Combusta Engineering und Anlagenbau GmbH, a company active in the field of LPG plants and ammonia supply systems became part of HEAT and the products and services were developed further within the HEAT ammonia engineering team.

In 2011 E.U.T. Anlagenbau GmbH was taken over by HEAT and the references and skills from the engineering team is today active in HEAT gas technologies department environmental technology.

From the very beginning activities and market sales were developed international with the focus on Europe and neighborhood countries.

In the last ten years HEAT gas technologies developed their international business more worldwide and our customers operates HEAT gas technologies plants and equipment on all continents.

Strong partnerships and cooperation could be reached with the most well-known corporates in the sector of power and energy systems and HEAT gas technologies is working on strengthen the existing partnerships and to develop new ones in the near future.

Since October 2020 HEAT gas technologies has moved out of Heat group and is part of the world wide active RMA group which supports our international activities and strengthen customer relationships.