Products & Solutions

Gas Technology

HEAT gas technologies is a leading engineering company and manufacturer of single components to turn-key process plants and offers a wide range of products and services in natural gas production, processing and distribution sector.

Beside the applications for natural gas for sweet and sour service acc. to NACE all our equipment is available for a wide range of divers other industry gases and can achieve 100 % Hydrogen service.

Our company focuses on the areas of:

  • Filters, Separators and Pig Traps
  • Heat exchangers – gas preheater
  • Gas pressure reducing and metering for natural gas distribution
  • Fuel gas supply systems for gas turbines, boilers and engines
  • Pressure regulators for gas networks, industry and household
  • Safety devices for natural gas and hot water
  • Natural gas conditioning and dehydration systems with absorption (Glycol) and low temperature separation.

HEAT gas technologies has more than 35 year experience in engineering, detail design, production, installation and commissioning to guarantee our customer the most economically and effective solution with proven technologies on the latest state of the art and customized implementation.