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Safety shut-off valves for natural gas

For safety reasons, gas lines must be equipped with valves that shut off the gas flow in the event of an unacceptable rise of the output pressure. Contrary to safety blow-off valves, safety shut-off valves thus block off the gas flow.
In addition, shut-off valves have an emergency stop button that closes the valve manually or by remote control in a critical situation, blocking the gas flow regardless of any increase in the pressure.
Safety shut-off valves can be used for all non-aggressive gases, such as natural gas, nitrogen, etc. (suitability in biogas plants subject to checking).
Safety shut-off valves are available as stand-alone devices or in combination with a gas pressure regulator as a controller-integrated valve.
HEAT gas technologies safety shut-off valves come with many accessories such as position indicator (open/closed) and remote triggering.