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Exhaust air purification by concentration

The concentration is a process combination of a zeolite concentratorrotor with thermal aftertreatment.

It is used for large exhaust air flows with a low concentration of pollutants.

Depending on the type and composition of pollutants, a concentration ratio of up to 1:20 is possible.

The combination significantly reduces the operating costs compared to a purely thermal solution.

Concentrators are used as an alternative to regenerative afterburning (RNV).

Concentrators are suitable for all companies with:

  • large exhaust air flows (3,000 m³/h to 100,000 m³/h)
  • small to medium pollutant concentration (50 to 1,500 mg/m³)
  • discontinuous or continuous production

The remaining energy from the incineration system can be used, for example, for warm air or hot water preparation

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