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ESP-Sensors and Relays

Axelson Pressure Sensors are designed to detect abnormal operating conditions in a safety system and to transmit a signal to perform a specific shutdown function.

The ESP Pressure Sensor is a highly accurate and reliable device. It can be used as a high or low sensor, or two units can be connected in series and used for both high and low sensing. The combination high and low sensor is called the ESPHL. The ESP Sensor has a sensing pressure range of .25 to 20,000 psig. 

The pressure controller is a pressure sensor which includes full operation of a sensor and relay combination. It has a manual-type relay valve with manual trip and override capability. The pressure controller is available with a 3-way block and bleed hydraulic relay, a 2-way normally open hydraulic relay, or a 3-way block and bleed pneumatic relay. The sensing pressure range is 1 to 20,000 psig. Indicator scales are available as an option. This feature allows accurate field adjustment after initial calibration.