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Heat Exchangers / Gas Preheaters & Coolers

Heat gas technologies offers a wide range of tubular heat exchangers for all applications in the natural gas infrastructure.

We use proven technology, developed by our engineering team and all heat exchangers will be designed by the latest process simulation and design software.

The tube dimensions and materials will be chosen according to specific request of our customers and the requirements of the application.

Our engineering team can serve all customers specifications, TEMA C and R requirements and proven standards like DVGW.


  • Exploration and production: Well head gas preheater
  • Underground storage: Withdrawal heat exchanger, Joule Thompson Preheater
  • Gas reducing and metering stations: Joule Thompson Preheater
  • Fuel Gas Systems: Joule Thompson Preheater, Dew point heater, Performance heater (high temperature application for efficiency increase up to 250°C)