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WAT SH - safety double walled heat exchanger

HEAT heat exchangers WAT SH are tube-bank heat exchangers with straight welded tube banks and a leakage chamber between the tube and shell side, executed in a horizontal or vertical design.
For higher temperature differences between the two media, a compensator is provided on the shell side. The leakage chamber of the heat exchanger is monitored to ensure full separation between the two media, so that the fluids do not mix even in the event of a leak on the tube or shell side and leaks are immediately signalled.
HEAT heat exchangers WAT SH are used when the two media must not mix for safety reasons and allow for doing without an intermediate heating circuit with a heat transfer medium (intermediate heating circuit may be applicable if required by national code).
They are typically used to preheat gas with district heating water or low pressure steam, in high-pressure heat exchangers in natural gas storage tanks and other processes in chemical plants and power plants. The design provides for one- or multi-pass tubes and baffle plates in the shell, optionally fitted with longitudinal separation plates for a multi-pass design.
The entry-side and/or outside heads are either welded or removable to allow cleaning of the tubes.


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