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Bypass odorizing systems are used especially for smaller reducing stations, where an excellent cost effectiveness is necessary.
The type GO performs an sufficient odorizing process, which offers the required accuracy by using a simple system.

A bypass-flow from the main line is withdrawn by an adjustable butterfly valve. This gasflow - depending on the flowrate in the main line - is supplied through the inlet ball valve into the odorizer designed as pressure vessel. The built-in cartridge equipped with a stretched terry towel brings larger and more consistent wetted surface then other products. This guaranties odorizing (smell enrichment), widely independent from level of odorant and gas velocity. By grazing the towel the particular flow takes the odorant with it. Through the outlet ball valve the enriched gas flow is leaded back to the main line. A built-in level indicator approves an easy control of the odorant level in the system.


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