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Slab Gate Valve

Design, manufacturing API Spec 6A
Size: 2 1/16" to 7 1/16"
Working Pressure: 2,000 to 15,000 PSI
Temperature Range: - 60 °C to +121 °C

Non rising stem;
Bi-directional flow;
One piece gate;
Flange type 6B connection; according to API 6A, with Ring Joint , or API LP threaded;
Backseat possibility for gland bushing

The seats are fully floating, combined with a solid slab gate to give a true downstream seal resulting in low operating forces. Being fully symmetrical it will effectively seal pressure without risk of blockage. Metal-to-metal seal between gate and seats. Special gasket on back groove of seats. Full metal-to-metal seats are available on request (metallic back seat gasket). Gate and seat replacement is possible, with the valve in line, without the need for special tools. Upper and lower thrust bearings isolated from well fluid, minimizing torque. Stem packing can be re-energized with valve under pressure. Stem packing TFE glass and carbon filled and soft packing. Alternative stem packing special gasket with internal spring. The valve body may be grease filled through suitable fittings provided on body. To close valve rotate the hand-wheel clockwise, gate moves downward, strikes the body; then rotate the hand-wheel clockwise half turn to permit a free moving of gate pressure. To open valve, rotate the hand-wheel counter-clockwise until strikes the bonnet. Floating seats assure valve seal in either open or closed position.

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