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SNH-CZ - Three stage horizontal separator with filter and coalescer cartridges for rare liquid entrainment and solid impurities

HEAT dust/liquid separators of type SNH-CZ are horizontal three-stage separators that efficiently clean gases of solid and liquid contaminants. The first separation stage has impact tubes at the gas inlet that remove coarse impurities. Then the gas flows from the inside to the outside through coalescer cartridges which reliably retain solid impurities and ensure that small drops of liquid will coalesce and be separated. In the third stage, the gas flows from outer side to inner side through cellulose cartridges for the removal of carried over liquid droplets and small solids. The third stage acts as an additional safety stage.
HEAT horizontal dust/liquid separators of type SNH-CZ are typically used at compressor stations and metering stations of pipeline networks.


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